I have been enjoying taking portraits a lot lately. Technically, I am always doing portraits as I have been shooting my blog pictures on my own for a while now. But the purpose is different. I shoot portraits whenever I feel good and confident whereas I shoot looks when I think of a cool outfit. Sometimes it can be both at the same time. Yet, it is the first time since that post I wrote back in october that actually I feel confident enough to take and share my face again on social media. Hence the recent flow of portraits on my Instagram. I still work with raw material, which basically means my phone camera. My big camera doesn't have a rotating screen and a remote so I am always running back and force and most of the time the pictures are unusable. I will get a better camera very soon but for now my phone will do despite the low quality. That gives me the opportunity to get creative a lot and do my favourite thing: editing. 

I have been working on myself a lot these past few months. I learned new things about me and learned how to love my image over again. It is not an easy process. I still have those day when I can stand my face or body. Back in september, I would never have dared wearing such an outfit. Especially this top. It's colored, tight and shows my arms a lot. All the things I used to hate about clothes. I don't really know where that change of mind comes from. Maybe it is the weather or the British or fashion trends in general... but I am comfortable with it. 

Looking back at these pictures - they were taking a few weeks ago, right before finals - makes me want to go on vacation. I have been wating to buy suimsuits (especially those yellow vintage looking ones!) but unfortunately I will be working all summer so I won't get to chill on the beach this year. I will probably be travelling a lot starting September, so I look forward for summer to be over already. However, for those of you planning to go on summer vacation and who are looking for some cool swimwear - as colored as my top! - I recommend you check out Cool Tan. They have a wide range of tan through swimsuits and tees for men and women which means there's no need to re-apply tanning lotion endlessly and is very practical and trendy. Click here to see this summer's collection!

top (similar, similar) - Primark / jeans - H&M

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  1. Well you are taking some cool portraits and that top is so cute. Have a lovely Friday. xx


  2. Thank you Andreea! x


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