Je suis rentrée à Paris. Après dix mois passés chez les anglais j'ai enfin retrouvé les parisiens grincheux, les couloirs de métro qui sentent l'urine et les grèves qui mettent tout le monde à bout de nerfs. Malgré tout ça, je suis contente d'être revenue. Je reprends goût au rythme effréné des grandes villes, ça m'avait beaucoup manqué. A peine de retour j'ai peu de temps pour souffler. Entre entretiens et rendez-vous avec les copines, je cours à gauche et à droite sans prendre le temps de m'arrêter. Et puis en juillet je recommence à travailler. Pas de vacances qui soient. Après une année avec la tête dans les nuages, il faut se remettre sur pieds. 


I have finally returned home. After ten months of living among the British I came back to Paris and its grumpy people, dirty metro corridors and unending strikes. I - kinda - missed it. I missed being part of a crowd in a big city, of a real anthill where everything is moving fast and there is almost no time to rest. I had enough time to rest during the past month anyway. It was quite boring to say the least. 

Cependant même si j'aime être prise dans l'engrenage des grandes ville, j'aime aussi souffler. Mais lorsqu'on bosse six jours sur sept les week-ends sont courts et souvent propices au sommeil. Alors pour souffler, j'ai mes petites idées.


Even though I like living in a restless city, I also like to slow down sometimes and have some me time. It's not easy when you work six days a week and would rather spend all Sunday in bed doing nothing. But I have some ideas in mind. 

Premièrement, le sport. Je ne suis pas une personne très sportive mais j'aime le côté déstressant de celui-ci. En Angleterre mon lieu préféré était la salle de sport (sans blague). Je compte m'y réinscrire à la rentrée mais pour l'instant je continue du mieux que je peux de faire du sport de mon côté. Notamment en allant courir sur les bords de Marne où les paysages sont magnifiques en été. Cela ne prend qu'une petite heure dans la journée. De plus, ça donne l'occasion de faire du shopping. Dernièrement j'ai eu envie d'une nouvelle brassière de sport (je n'en ai que deux qui se battent en duel dans mes tiroirs), après avoir vu la collection de brassières de True & Co qui m'a tapé dans l'oeil notamment leur collection week-end. En seconde position viennent deux activités que j'aime superposer. Notamment le matin en me préparant. J'ai une playlist des années 2000s #noshame que j'aime jouer tout en prenant le temps de me maquiller. Bizarrement, ça a un côté thérapeutique et ça permet de bien commencer la journée.


First thing first: working out. I am not the most athletic girl out there but I like the stress-relief side of working out. My favourite place back in England was the gym (no lies!). For now I just go for a run along the riverbanks near where I live. Moreover it gives me the perfect opportunity to do some shopping: I love athleisure wear. My recent favourite items are the variety of bras that True & Co. has to offer. They even have a weekend bra, which seems perfect for a light workout and chilling at home. Then, there are two other activities I usually do at the same time. Listening to 2000's classics while doing my makeup. It is my #treatyoself time of the day and puts me in a good mood. 

Mise à part ces deux activités, ce qui me met de bonne humeur c'est bosser sur le blog. Que ce soit un shooting, de l'édition de photos, l'écriture ou travailler sur le design du blog, c'est ce qui me repose le plus. D'ailleurs, je suis contente d'être de retour avec des photos prises en extérieur par mes copines Emilie (la photographe derrière ces photos) et Julie (directrice artistique in-the-making). J'aime beaucoup le rendu de notre premier shoot ensemble. 


Other than that, my favourite activity to make my week-end last is, believe it or not, working on the blog. Whether it is planning outfits, shooting, editing pictures, writing or webdesigning, it is the activity that relaxes me the most. I am super happy to be back with an outdoor look shot by my friends, Emilie (the photographer) and Julie (artistic director in the making). I really like these pictures and they are even more precious because we took them together. 

oversized shirt (similar)- vintage (thrifted) / skirt (similar, similar)- river island / bag (similar) - unknown / shoes - dr.martens 

Photos: Emile & Julie


I have been enjoying taking portraits a lot lately. Technically, I am always doing portraits as I have been shooting my blog pictures on my own for a while now. But the purpose is different. I shoot portraits whenever I feel good and confident whereas I shoot looks when I think of a cool outfit. Sometimes it can be both at the same time. Yet, it is the first time since that post I wrote back in october that actually I feel confident enough to take and share my face again on social media. Hence the recent flow of portraits on my Instagram. I still work with raw material, which basically means my phone camera. My big camera doesn't have a rotating screen and a remote so I am always running back and force and most of the time the pictures are unusable. I will get a better camera very soon but for now my phone will do despite the low quality. That gives me the opportunity to get creative a lot and do my favourite thing: editing. 

I have been working on myself a lot these past few months. I learned new things about me and learned how to love my image over again. It is not an easy process. I still have those day when I can stand my face or body. Back in september, I would never have dared wearing such an outfit. Especially this top. It's colored, tight and shows my arms a lot. All the things I used to hate about clothes. I don't really know where that change of mind comes from. Maybe it is the weather or the British or fashion trends in general... but I am comfortable with it. 

Looking back at these pictures - they were taking a few weeks ago, right before finals - makes me want to go on vacation. I have been wating to buy suimsuits (especially those yellow vintage looking ones!) but unfortunately I will be working all summer so I won't get to chill on the beach this year. I will probably be travelling a lot starting September, so I look forward for summer to be over already. However, for those of you planning to go on summer vacation and who are looking for some cool swimwear - as colored as my top! - I recommend you check out Cool Tan. They have a wide range of tan through swimsuits and tees for men and women which means there's no need to re-apply tanning lotion endlessly and is very practical and trendy. Click here to see this summer's collection!

top (similar, similar) - Primark / jeans - H&M

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