Made it back to Paris in one piece. The weather is sunnier and warmer than in England, it feels good. The other day I wandered around the 1er arrondissement, my ultimate favourite, said hello to la Joconde and ended up at Les Halles as usual. Rivoli and le Marais are probably where I spend most of my time, probably because of the architecture and how beautiful it looks when the sun is out.

I feel like I always gravitate around the same places here and for most of them they are very touristical. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I live in the suburb and not in central Paris. I am familiar with less touristical areas but I don't find them as entertaining as the ones that actually are, which is probably why they're not crowded with tourists. Anyway, here is a little list of my favourite places around the 1st and 3rd arrondissements : Rue Rivoli and Place Vendome (Paris' fanciest street)Le Pont des Arts (giving you a beautiful view on l'Ile de La Cité when the sun is out), Les Jardins du Palais Royal (love how hidden they are), Les Jardins des Tuileries and the Louvre, Les Halles (Central Paris' big mall), Le Marais (and its little streets full of great cafés, restaurants, bars and thriftshops), Centre Pompidou (a colourful building filled with art and a cool library), Place de l'Hotel de Ville (a nice spot to have a break). 

I found that tee the day before going back home in a thriftshop in Notts. Actually, my friend found it. The same friend that found the jacket I am wearing on these pictures. I am really thinking about making her my personal assistant when I go shopping. She really has a gift for finding cool things. Anyway, this tee is literally me every day of my life #mood. It makes me laugh so much. 

jacket - primark / t-shirt - thrifted / jeans - mango outlet / sunglasses - polette 

Photo credits: thanks douglas for taking these. 

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  1. Love this look dear, always so chic and classic :)



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