I had the chance to be photographed by the lovely Olivia last month for the Fashion Society calendar of my university.
The pictures turned out so good I wanted to share them here. Special thanks to Olivia for her amazing work!

Not much happen since my last post except for a few trips in London. The first one was for Fashion Week. I usually do Paris Fashion Week so it was a new
 and fun experience. I didn't take much photos (most of them I already shared on Instagram) so I don't think I will be making a post about it. 
My second trip to London was to meet up with one of my besties. We had to fight the cold and snowy weather but it was still very pleasant at last. 

I am going back to Paris in two weeks and I look forward to do some more outdoor shoots. 
During this shoot I realized how long it has been since my last one and it took me a while to feel at ease in front of the camera. 

So if the odds are in my favor you will see more outdoors outfits, which I am very excited about.

 all the clothes I'm wearing in this post have been featured in previous ones: here, here and here

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