I've been feeling very self-couscious lately. It's not something noticeable for the outside world, it lies inside, eats your mind up and awakes all your insecurities. It's a very lonely experience I am sure everyone goes through at some point. As a blogger and someone who tends to share my image a lot on social medias it is hard to handle. If you look at my Instagram pictures of landscapes, flowers and friends have progressively replaced selfies and outfit pictures. It might be the only sign of me being self-conscious out there. 

It's okay. I have been there before and it will eventually go away. It's still very fascinating how two months ago I felt very confident and in the space of a few days my mind drifted away. I went from "I slay" to "I look like have put on 10kg". So silly when you think about it. I have not gained weight or changed a bit. I don't know what triggered it and what will fix it, I just know that it gets better with time. The best thing to do is to surround yourself with people who make you feel great. It's probably the best therapy for any mental issues out there.

Aside of being crazy self-conscious I went shopping lately, a lot actually. More than in the past year. Everything looks super cute and fashionable here, it's very hard to resist. On these pictures I am wearing a few of my last findings. I feel like the yellow sweater brings a Fall touch to these summery stripped culottes. I am also working on an Fall/Winter inspiration post and trying out some new skin care products which will probably be featured in an upcoming post. Stay tuned. 

sweater (similar) - Primark / trousers - ZARA 

  1. Thank you for sharing with us, I've felt like that before too, the best is to take a step away from social media for a moment and come back when you are ready. That has helped me in the past =o)

    1. thank you for your kind words of advice, i'll try doing that! xoxo

  2. I love a yellow jumper with preppy trousers. Always a great look

  3. Love this yellow knit! I really like how you've styled it!
    You look amazing!