Believe it or not, today is a makeup post. I am not an expert when it comes to makeup but I do pay attention to my lipstick game. Lipstick is my favourite and most essential step in my makeup. I can't go out without it on or I will look dead - literally.Dark lipsticks are my go-to as you may I have noticed. I have a whole collection of dark berry lipsticks from all types: matte, liquid or creme. But today's post is all about my second favourite colour when it comes to tint my lips: red.

Last week, while in London, I stumble across a Superdrug. I have never been in a drugstore before so I was totally hyped about it. I went through the makeup section and came accross the Sleek stall. I had heard a bit about Sleek Makeup but never gave it a try until that day. I picked up "Fired Up" from their Matte Me collection and fell in love with it. The colour, the texture and how it matched my skintone: A+. Despite being a bit dry after applying it - but most of matte lipsticks are - the lipstick doesn't fade away during the day which is very impressive. 

It wasn't that expensive and I would recommand to swatch it in store before buying it since lipsticks never look the same on different skintones. But if you ever find it, go for Sleek Matte Me liquid lipsticks, they are all good!

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  1. I adore matte lipsticks and this is such a beautiful colour, especially on you!


    1. I love matte lipsticks too! Thanks! :)

  2. Love it! great red color!
    IG @grace_njio

  3. This color looks so beautiful on you! Sultry :)



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