Hey folks. Spring has returned and so has the sun for a little while. Daylight lasts longer and it feels like some more time was granted to us. The most bothering thing, if it can be considered so, is the major change of temperature in a day. Cold in the morning, hot by mid-day. It very easy to catch a cold, fortunately I did not - no yet at least. So here is my first idea of a transition look. A warm sweater with a cute skirt, add some cool sparkling boots and you're good to go. Oh and meet my little cat, Sacha. She invited herself in this shoot - I guess the reason why was because I invited myself on her blanket! 

Le printemps a fait son retour, tout comme les beaux jours. Ici on sait que je ça ne va pas durer alors on en profite. Les jours se rallongent et les températures jouent au yo-yo. On ne sait plus trop quoi enfiler le matin par peur d'avoir trop chaud ou trop froid. Je vous présente donc aujourd'hui mon premier look de printemps de l'année, une tenue de transition en attendant l'été. Un petit pull pour les matinées et soirées frisquettes, la jupe et les bottines cool pour le côté printanier. Ma petite Sacha, qui s'est invitée sur les photos, vous fait la bise ! 

sweater/pull - H&M, skirt/jupe - Jennyfer, boots/bottines - River Island

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  1. These shoes killed me! OMG
    Petra xx

  2. You look so cute. Love the colors.

    Mi Blog: LULALOGY

  3. Your little cat is so cute! I love these between the season weeks. Spring is my favourite, I love being able to wear light layers and boots all together. Love the boots you have on! xx Jenelle

    1. I'm totally feeling you, thank you! xoxo

  4. awwwwww.... kitty so cute!
    Great post dear!
    IG @grace_njio

  5. you look so cozy with that sweater! love it <3
    Visit mine

  6. The color of your sweater is so cute!


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