She was born with fierceness in her heart, a wildness that set her apart from others. When she loved, it was all-consuming and white-hot, spreading from the crown of her head to the tips of her toes like wildfire and when she lost, shadows swallowed her whole, plunging her into darkness. But every time she found her fire extinguished, she came back burning brighter than before. Her faith in herself reduced her fears to ashes. 
- The Phoenix, author.

Here I share these few lines I found on Tumblr the other night because it is the only thing that kinda make sense to me right now. I am not in the mood to do anything and especially not blogging. This explains why I tend to disappear from the blogosphere these weeks. My head is very busy thinking about other things and life has been really harsh, especially this year. I cannot wait for 2017 to come and to look forward to new adventures. Hopefully all my problems come to an end and I can finally start focusing on my blog and fashion career for good. I will not be very present here, but I will be back my dears. Take care, much love.

sweater - H&M / trousers, shoes - New Look / blue navy coat - Zara / eyewear - L'usine à lunette, Dean View model

  1. Love the burnt orange sweater! The cape is super cute on you as well :) Stay warm!