Tenerife, Santa Cruz de Ténérife, Espagne

Hola como te va? Me, I wish I was laying down under the sun with a salty smell running around... 

Here are some summer memories to forget the current greyish weather. I went to the Canaries on last August with my gal, Léa who took most of these pictures, after we won a contest. It was so great. The sea was as blue as the sky and the temperatures never went under 27°C. Looking back at these pictures I wish I could go back again and I am happy I have something to look back on these fun times. 

Los Christianos, Tenerife South. 

Touristic playas, huge palmtrees and cute streets. 

Golf Del Sur, Tenerife South.
Our resort, the Santa Barbara Golf Hotel. A little piece of Greece in Spain, literally. Huge. Beautiful. Completely equiped: spa, jacuzzi, pool, karaoké bar, library, supermarket (yes, inside the hotel! insane, right?), laundry washing room, game room, gym, awesome terrace with a view, activities, nice staff. The view from our room was breathtaking and we stayed in a little equiped appartment. One point though, the bad smell that circulates around at certains hours of the day. 

See you again Tenerife. 

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