An ôde to the stars, a prayer for your heart. 

I feel like these following lines are to be write. Somehow to evacuate the feelings burning inside me, somehow to keep them somewhere they will forever exist. I need them to be typed before I post anything else. Because they are about someone important. Someone I loved and will forever love. Someone who supported me in a way no one did. Someone who strongly believed I would succeed in the blogging world. Someone who wanted to see me succeed so badly, and whom I wanted to see succeed at what she was doing best too. This someone you may have came accross her if you have been following my blog for long enough. I featured her in a post two months ago but I feel like it was yesterday. Under a beautiful sun at Place Vendome, her red lipstick shining through her black hair like a White Snow in full day. Lucie-Lan. That's her name. She is now part of the million stars shining every night and the most hurtful thing, no matter how peaceful this sentence sounds, is that I will forever miss her. Her supporting texts at nights whenever I post a new article, her humor and silly faces, the love and obsession we shared for Harry Potter, the way she worried before an exam and called me for comfort, the way she sung and made the world silenced up in a second. I know she is reading this from where she is - I see you Lulu - and I want her to know she will be missed. She was a passionate, loving, and careful being, that's how I want to remember her. 

Love you girl, always.

  1. Anonymous9/23/2016

    wow such a great post

  2. Wonderful photo!
    Have a great new month :)

  3. Very touching, missing someone and being missed are blessed.