I can be as quiet as a museum. I can be as loud as a firework. 

But the voices withing are always speaking, wondering and asking. A hidden curiosity that finds its answers quietly. In a place of art filled by no other noise than people steps on the wooden floor my mind bursts and becomes unsustainable. The need of noise feels oppressant, the art doesn't feel like a present. My mouth spilling words to fill in the empty space encounters disapprouving looks from strangers. And from room to room, painting to painting, art to art, it's a dance of thoughts that comes out loud. At last, lost between the inner voices and a desire of fading them away, the museum transforms in a recreation park where only kids like me find their way. But don't misread me, I am a sucker for art and will eternally be.  
If I can't be a museum girl Imma be a chatty art lover.
Il est difficile de se promener dans un musée lorsque le silence est redouté. Ce dernier pourrait libérer les pensés de celui qui aime les inhibés. Lorsque le seul bruit pour les recouvrir sont des pas chassés de visiteurs il en faut peu pour les retenir. C'est en océan qu'ils se déversent et pesant devient le silence. Silence qu'il faut combler de paroles pour amoindrir ces souffrances. Paroles qui se heurtent aux regards armés des visiteurs passionnés. Il est une chose d'aimer observer l'art, une autre d'aimer l'étudier. La fille du musée ne peut se résoudre à contempler dans un silence de mort. Il lui faut du bruit pour animer l'esprit, des voix pour affûter l'analyse, de l'encre pour décortiquer l'artiste. Il faut plus qu'un simple tableau perdu dans l'immensité d'un mur blanc noyé dans le silence. 
La fille du musée n'en est peut-être pas une après tout.

More seriously, yes I am not a museum lover. I often find those places to quiet and I can't stand it. I much prefer fully studying a piece of art than just observing it, which I was doing while there. Every painting that crossed my path I tried to analyse it like I was taught in school. And when I couldn't I was making jokes that got Bath very exasperated, ahah. It is impossible for me to stay quiet in a place like this. Told you, I am not a museum girl. 

Meeting people accross the galaxy. - I was actually running around this thing because it looked like the lights were following me! - 

Names of celebrities who passed away were engraved on the lights. 

"Flou artistique." - Defocused.

Meet my friend, Gertrude the nice plant.

Story of contrast.

Tiredness when you hold us. My feet hurt.

what I wear: top - H&M / skirt - New Look / totebag - L'aparté

Ending the day with a rooftop view.

Photos: Bath - instagram

  1. You look beautiful!


  2. Wow, the pictures are super impressive, I love the post :)

    What about following each other? :)

    Caro x

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! :)

  3. You look amazing, especially with the bright orange top! Personally, we love going to museums as it is such a nice way to spend time in peace and quiet whilst looking at some cool art :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

    1. Thank you! It's cool that you find this place relaxing :)

  4. Great top!

  5. Looking amazing! Great post babe! x