It's literally what I have been telling myself since Paris Fashion Week started. Paris and its capricious weather, the sun can be shinning bright and the next minute it can be pourring rain or snowing. I had thought my outfit for a long time and I was not ready to give it up for bad weather. 
That's how I ended bare legs, my blood freezing and trying to keep it cool under the rain. That should explain the few pictures I got of this look. The baroque skirt is my favourite thing, the gold - well, much more bronze in reality - embroderies makes it pop. Of course I had to wear a coat, mine is from H&M and I adore it, I wear it every single day. My laced sandals I got the morning just before leaving for the show are from Pull&Bear. I have been craving them for so long but couldn't find them at an affordable price, except at Zara during sales but they were all sold out. I got them for a good deal and I am pretty happy about it! 
Le temps parisien en fin d'hiver est capricieux comme jamais. Il peut faire grand soleil puis neiger la minute suivante. J'avais visualisé cette tenue depuis pas mal de temps pour arpenter la Fashion Week alors il était hors de question que je laisse la météo changer mes plans. Je me suis donc retrouvée dans le froid de mars les jambes nues à l'air, essayant le plus possible de ne pas geler sur place. Chose compliquée, mais j'y suis arrivée. J'ai tout de suite eu le coup de coeur pour cette jupe et ses broderies doré/bronze. Elle fait la tenue a elle seule. Quant à mes chaussures, j'ai enfin réussi à dégoter les sandales lacées que je voulais le printemps dernier et à un prix super abordable (merci les codes promos !). Elles viennent de chez Pull&Bear, et après les histoires de colis perdu etc, je l'ai finalement reçu à temps, juste avant de partir pour mon premier défilé. Joie ! Je les aime d'amour et je n'ai qu'une seule hâte, que le beau temps s'installe pour que je puisse les porter à ma guise. 


Photos : @leanosphere (blog)
coat (similar) - H&M / baroque skirt (similar / similar) - Forever21 / laced sandals - Pull&Bear / bag - Pimkie / sunglasses - L'usine à lunette / necklace - Claire's 

  1. Those shoes with that skirt are giving me so much life! You are killing it, girl.

    Kierra | Lavishingg

    1. These are my absolute favourite at the moment, I can't wait til warm days come to wear them every(damn!)day ahah :)
      Thank you Kierra!

  2. You look amazing dear!




  3. This has to be my favorite post! Can’t wait for the new one!

    Diana Cloudlet

    1. Aw, you just made my day! Thank you Diana!

  4. gorgeous looks!

  5. Anonymous3/12/2016

    You look fab so at least you didn't endure the cold for no reason <3 I'm currently living in the UK so I definitely get the capricious weather part!


  6. You have amazing photos! I'm glad you dint let the weather get you, that skirt is beautiful!!!

    I write Mademoiselle Meets Maquillage and Macaroons and I would love for you to give it a read, maybe we can follow each other on Bloglovin?


    Deepti xx

  7. I love the look Maeva! And the skirt does this african style, im absolutely in love with ! Definitely loving your blog sweetheart.

  8. You look amazing dear!