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Day one of 365, right? Here is to writing our own story. A new year begins. A year, I hope, that will be full of promises. I don't have much planned this year so I will just take things as they come and try to make them worth the journey. Because I am a huge planner, it's weird not to have anything planned. I spent the last days of 2015 trying to make plans for 2016, weither study or vacations related, but I failed so hard. I am trying my best to tell myself to let it go and relax, but that's very difficult for a control freak, ahah.  

Anyway, I am so please to welcome you on my new work space. New year rhymes with new design - all made by my hands and the help of the very instructive blog Lady Bird Red which had helped me so many times. The previous one was too simple, too minimalist and I quicly got tired of it. Don't get me wrong, I love minimalist but I wanted a space where everything would be easier for the readers - you! - to access. Every socials used to be at the end of the page, well now they are right there on the right-hand corner. I even added a search bar and created a new logo (which will certainly evolve by the end of the year). So much work done, so much fun doing it! I really hope you will like it.  
Here is a party outfit. Monochrome again because black and white are my favourite colours to wear. It can be related to NYE but not only. I didn't dress up for NYE, to tell the truth I spent the evening in pyjamas watching TV with pancakes, tea and my little cat. Such a cosy time. A party? Next year maybe. Don't worry, it was a great night! It gave me the time to write this post so it could be out in time.  
Also I am very excited because sales are coming and my wardrobe desperately needs to be refreshed. I feel like I have been wearing the same outfits over and over so sales are a great occasion to find new clothes and outfits ideas - hopefully with much more colours in it! Wish me luck!

Happy New Year and best wishes everyone. Or as I like to say: may the odds be ever in your favor. 


Bonne année, bonne santé et tout ce qui va avec ! 2016 a posé ses valises, à nous de jouer désormais. Faisons en sorte que ce soit une belle année. Nouvelle année rime avec un nouveau design, fait par mes soins et avec l'aide du blog Lady Bird Red qui est littéralement une mine d'or en terme de tutoriel blogger. Après le design super simple et minimaliste des trois derniers mois, j'avais envie de quelque chose de plus pratique où tout est à portée de main. Donc au revoir les boutons réseaux sociaux perdus en fin de page et bonjour la barre de navigation super pratique avec une section "recherche" ! J'ai pris du temps, mais ça a finalement prit forme, j'espère que cela vous plaira.  
Sinon, je tenais à vous présenter une seconde tenue de fêtes plus habillée que la dernière. On célèbre donc le retour des talons aiguilles sur lesquelles j'ai tenu dix minutes cette fois, il y a du progrès. Toujours pas de couleurs cependant, mais les soldes arrivent, je vais essayer d’égayer un peu ma garde robe super neutre. Alors on se retrouve peut-être dans un prochain article avec une tenue colorée, qui sait ? 

dress (similar) - LaRedoute / blazer (similar) - New Look / high heels (similar) / hair crown (similar) - Claire's 

  1. I'm really liking your look! love the shoes!


  2. Happy new year ! :)
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  3. I am in love with your jewels! Very pretty look!


  4. Beautiful outfit! Happy new year!


  5. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
    Lovee your blog gorgeous!!!
    Check my blog and if you want we can follow each other*
    Happy new year!
    xx, A Be-atriz

  6. What a gorgeous outfit!! Love it. Happy New Year! :)


  7. Love this party outfit so much and these photos are stunning!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  8. Your blog looks beautiful! Also, your highlighter in the first picture is beautiful. Plus your crown makes me think of some sort of ancient Greek myth, and it's absolutely beautiful.


    1. I actually don't wear an highlighter, I guess it was just a great skin day ahah :) Thank you Sarah!

  9. Stunning outfit! Love it!!!