You must know that while writing these few lines I am drinking a cinamon hot coco and it feels so good. It's finally that time of the year were you can drink hot chocolat all the time without feeling guilty for it. I can't wait for my Holidays vacation to come so that I will have the time walk in the decorated streets and do some Christmas shopping. I know some of you like doing it online because it is way easier and there are more choices but I like going to mall and feel the effervescency... This will probably be the only Christmas post on my blog. I am worried that I won't have enough time this year to post a lot before the 24th comes so I prefer to be sure that all my ideas will be gathered in one post. This is why today I will show you my Xmas wishlist and some look inspirations. Let's go! 

MY XMAS WISHLIST | Usually for Christmas I only ask for one expensive thing. Last year it was a new camera but this year I don't have one thing in particular that I want, so I did a list of things I have a crush on or I would like to try. There are of course some of these things I will probably buy myself like the books, the lipstick or the wallet, and some other stuff I will never have because they are way too expensive for what it is (the coat, omg!). But I think that when you send Santa Claus your xmas whishlist you have the right to dream a little bit! 
Ca y est, le temps est venu d'écrire sa lettre au Père Noël et d'y mettre tous les trucs dont on a toujours rêvé, parce que sait-on jamais, beaucoup de miracles se réalisent à Noël ! C'est pourquoi cette année j'ai décidé de mettre dans la mienne des choses que j'achèterais moi-même, des produits que j'aimerai tester mais aussi des gros coups de coeur parfois trop chers. Faisons-nous plaisir ! Concernant les courses de Noël (alias les meilleurs courses de l'année), en ligne ou in real life ? Pour ma part c'est in real life. J'adore l'effervescence des fêtes, marcher les rues décorées et j'ai hâte de faire les miennes. Si j'adore recevoir des cadeaux j'aime encore plus en faire. Vivement Noël ! 
1. #GirlBoss written by Sophia Amoruso / 2. La curiosité est un pêché mortel, Un assassinat de qualité, Un flair infaillible pour le crime all written by Ann Granger. / 3. H&M laced boots with golden detail on the heels / 4. Kiko Makeup Milano double touch lipstick n°113 Black Cherry / 5. L'Oreal Paris Steampod / 6. H&M boots with silver detail on the heels / 7. Wallet found on Amazon / 8. Kiko Makeup Milano eyebrow styling kit / 9. Makeup Forever HD invisible cover councealer / 10. H&M Beauty eyebrow gel fixer / 11. Zara boots / 12. Zara coat   
-click on the product name to find it / cliquer sur le nom pour être rediriger vers la page du produit-

Puisque cet article sera surement le seul sur le thème des cadeaux de Noël et de tout ce qui tourne autour, je vais aussi vous faire part de quelques inspirations côté tenues, c'est cadeaux ! 


- Everything is from Asos because I just thought they had the best selection concerning Holidays/Party outfits (not sponsorised) - 

  1. Anonymous12/19/2015

    I LOVE THAT FIRST RED DRESS 😍😍 really nice post :) hope you get at least one piece of your wishlist :)
    xx Kathi || www.everyonestarling.com

  2. This is great HOLIDAYS OUTFITS. Love this.