If October hasn't been much of  a fashion favourites month, it has at least been a month of music discoveries.
Well, discoveries is not the appropriate term, I would more likeky use crushes. Adèle dropped the news of her return, which I welcomed with a lot of screams and dancing, then she threw a huge bomb at us: a song and a music video at the same time, breaking all the reccords. She is truly killing it and I can't stop listening to her new song 'Hello' over and over. Sad sunday night parties are making their come back buddies! One week before Adèle, Selena Gomez released her new album "Revival" which is a miracle. I was not a huge fan of Selena's music, even though I love her, I used to think her songs were more commercial than personal. But this one is without any doubt very personal, especially if you think about what she has been through the last couple of months. The lyrics are real and don't sound commercial, I hope she will continue on this path. Onto another subject now, what have I been watching the whole month? The new TVshow Blindspot. The plot is great and I love the main actress who also plays Sif in Thor. Still on the internet, I have been watching and enjoying Katie aka StealTheSpotlight on Youtube lately. Her content is amazing and you can see all the work she put behind her videos. She also has a blog here. And last but not least, what would be my month favourites without a little bit of fashion. I have been all over the kneehigh boots lately, they are simply a hit. I will say more about this trend in a next post, so stay tunned. On these words, don't forget to tell my what your October favourites are, and I leave you with my little playlist. Love. 

Selena Gomez - Me & My Girls
Jess Glynn - Don't Be So Hard On Yourself
Demi Lovato - Yes / Kingdome Come / Father / Lionheart
Adèle - Hello

  1. Nice post, Adele's new song is amazing! She has such a gorgeous voice and you can always expect something good from her
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

    1. Yes, she does! This is why she can still make a hit after 5 years of absence, she's unique and I'm sure everyone was secretly praying for her to come back ;)