bhbd goes to pfw #2

Hello guys, I take you with me on my second day at PFW, outside the Elie Saab show at the Jardin des Tuileries. Get ready, there is A LOT of street-style inspo for you!

Dear lovely readers, 
First, I am so overwhelmed by the fact I went to PFW and met well-known fashion people. Not because they are famous and it is cool to be seen with them. Not at all. September has been a rough month for me. For some it will not seem important but for me it is, I have been through a huge fashion crisis.This is the feeling you catch when the little of self-confidence you have suddenly disappear, you get a lack of ideas concerning your outfits so you dress “boringly” everyday and you don't feel comfortable anymore with the clothing you are wearing -even though these are the confiest clothes ever-. When you take a look at your wardrobe nothing works and the only things you want to do is to throw everything away and start over… This is what a fashion crisis is to me. The worst is that you have the impression of not being yourself while wearing the clothes you used to wear a month ago, and in which you felt so damn good. You are lost and with your confidence lacking, you just get tired and give up. I have to say that if I had not planed all the September posts in advance I would certainly haven't post anything on the blog. 
Consequently, seeing all these people dressed stunningly and meeting my favourite fashion bloggers surely reminded me the reason why I started blogging, why I wanted -and still want- to work in the fashion industry. They reminded me my life goals and cheered me up so much I could not sleep at night because I was too excited and inspired, I felt renew. 
Musicians, singers, actors, etc are idols, people admire them and look up to them. I have some too (Beyonce, Selena Gomez, Angelina Jolie), but my main “role models” (if I may call them this way) are the fashion bloggers I absolutely adore and look up to. Nevertheless, during this harsh period, the power of the internet did not seem to work. Therefore, meeting them in real life, breaking this screen barrier between us, feels like I was born again. I was shivering all the time I was there. It means a lot. They gave me the energy to be inspired again. And the opportunity to meet the people you admire the most is not given to everyone and doesn't happen everyday. I feel so lucky and blessed. 
This experience gave me many ideas and I am currently working on a big project, I hope this will lead somewhere and hopefully to the goals I have set for my career and future life plans. I still am a student in university and getting dressed in the morning still is a bit difficult but it gets better with time. It gets better when you know where you want to go, what you want to be and what you want the people in front of you think you are. You have to dress like you, you have to wear clothes that represent you the best. Clothing are the best way to stand out and make a difference, that is the lesson Paris Fashion Week taught me this year. 
Stay true to yourself no matter what. 

Thank you for reading me until here if you did, do not hesitate to leave a comment on your thoughts about fashion week and all the subjects I discussed. 

Lots of love,  Maë.

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  1. Stunning street style.
    I love your blog. I hope you will like mine
    Many kisses


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