L'autre jour je suis tombée sur un article dans lequel la vie universitaire était comparée à Hunger Games. Il est juste de s'imaginer en Katniss Everdeen (qui, tout comme moi, n'est pas très douée en relations sociales), lâchée seule dans une arène. Et puis il y a ce coup de massue qu'on se prend après avoir passé une heure dans les transports en commun. Ce qui augmente notre dose de stress et notre fatigue quotidienne. C'est sûrement une des raisons pour lesquelles la seule chose que j'ai pu faire en rentrant chez moi tous les soirs de la semaine dernière c'est doucher 2.m'allonger dans mon lit 3.éventuellement faire un tour sur tumblr. Maeva 0 - la fatigue 1. J'ai donc raté pas mal de choses concernant la NYFW -heureusement qu'il y avait Snapchat ! Voilà donc ce qu'est la routine boulot-métro-dodo. Je comprends désormais les personnes accroc à la caféine et je compatis. Comment fait-on pour ne pas clamser quand on rentre chez soi -sans boire mille cinq cent cafés/thés s'entend- ? Je vais tenter de percer ce mystère...
La tenue que je porte ici est la dernière ma mini série back to school, je vous ai posté une vidéo récap en fin d'article. J'adore ces photos, cela a sûrement quelque chose à voir avec les jeux de lumière présents. C'est la première fois que je porte une robe aussi longue -vous connaissez sans doute l'idée reçue du long qui tasse les petites demoiselles d'à peine un mètre soixante- et j'aime bien le rendu. Cela sera probablement une de mes tenues phares de cet automne.  

Can we compare university life to the Hunger Games? Probably. I was reading an article about this the other day and it stroke me. As in the Hunger Games, you are left alone in a huge arena full of strangers. You will have to make alliances -which means make new friends- and find your way to survive. Seeing it through this point of view, it puts university life out of my confort zone (some people might say that this is for the best, I think so too in a way). I am an introvert person, I will not instinctively start a conversation with a stranger. However being in this situation where I know nobody force me to get out of my confort zone and push me to start talking to people. It does not seem like a big thing, but for me it is. Moreover, not long ago I hated to be alone (I still don't like it that much) however I slowly start enjoying to spend time by myself. Step by step I enter the real world, away from my cosy town with my long time known friends. I miss them a lot though, always wishing they were with me because it would be a thousand times better. But life doesn't work like this you know, sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone for (amazing) things to happen. I truly believe in this. I have to admit that subway life hit me real bad last week -that is probably the reason why I was not very present on the blogosphere, and I missed all the NYFW looks damn-. I am not used to take public transports that much. Before that I used to take a fifteen (awakening) minutes walk to go to school, now I have to stress about my train being late. So, when I finally get home I just want to lay down in bed and sleep forever. Fortunately, I am a foresighted girl, I had already took the time to plan some articles for you.  
Also, I wanted to tell that this is my last back to school post. I love these pictures because of the sun lights. I will probably be wearing this outfit a lot, not sure yet about the long dress thing, but I kinda like it. What do you think? (+surprise: find a Fall / Back to school outfits recap lookbook at the end of the post). 

Maë, love. 

PS: hey, I forgot to tell you but today is my birthday, yay, I am finally 18! Big girl over here!

what I wear: jacket (similar), boots (link), small necklace (similar) - h&m / dress (similar) - / long necklace - jennyfer

  1. I’ve just found your blog and I’d like to say that I’m in love with it!
    Your posts, style of writing and photos are amazing! You do a great job!

    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

    1. Thank you so much Diana, you made my day!

  2. Gorgeous look, love these boots!