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The Fall season is my ultimate favourite, but by now you should probably know this because I had said it a hundred times on the blog. 

 I love walking in the streets and seeing brown leaves on the ground. I love waking up in the morning when it is still dark outside and drink a lot of tea while going on Tumblr. I love walking out of my house and, as I go to work, watching the sun slowly raise himself up in the sky. I love the sound the rain makes when it hits my windows, dark grey clouds, late night storms. And finally, I love Fall fashion. Because it means we will start to wear layers and layers of clothes, put on tights -no shaving anymore for eight months, yeah!-, scarfs, beanies, boots. Then, slowly, we will move into the Winter season, which leads us to the Holidays period (my favourite of the year). Yep, Fall reminds me how close Santa Clause's visit is, and that we will soon be spending family time and partying hard for New Year's Eve. How fantastic is that. It feels like the time is slowing down for a few months, living us the time to breathe some fresh air before a new -unbearable- summer heat. 
PS: Yes, I am obsessed with Mira Duma at the moment. I mean... look at her... she is just... QUEEN!