I know August is not over yet but I think these favourites will last at least until the end of summer, and if not, I will do an update in September. I think what I prefered the most this past month is to discover new songs, so make sure to check out my playlist at the end of the post!

MOVIES | The Theory of Everything. I already explained in my last post how much I liked watching this movie, so if you have not watched it yet, do it now! SERIES | Teen Wolf. Every season of TW is intense, but this one has reach a new level! My favourite character is Lydia, the pretty and smart girl of the team. I love her character evolution, and I ship her with Stiles so hard. We need Stydia to happen for real. Stitches. I discovered this series by chance while I was wandering on Youtube. The trailer captivated me so much, I had to give it a try. And it might not be the most seen series on ABC Family, but it is amazeballs and has everything I like in a series: action, humour and love. W.i.t.c.h. is my cartoon of this summer. As Sailor Moon, it is one of the numerous cartoons I never had the time to watch entirely when I was younger. So I decided to catch this up, and it is very entertaining yep! BOOKS | The only books I read in July were mangas: Tista by Tastuya Endô (shonen). The story of an orphan girl who was raised by a secret religious organisation and trained to kill bad people. Everything changes when she meets a boy named Arty... I loved this manga so much I finished it in an evening (there are only two volumes), the uncommon story of this girl, her struggle between having feeling for someone and doing her work as it is expected of her is awesome. Conductor by Nokiya and Manabu Kaminaga (shojo) a fantastic history of investigation and loss memory. It is all about discovering the truth, the mysterious past everyone is hiding. I was really surprised by the end of it, during all the reading I tried to figure out who did what, but I did not expected things to turn out this way. FASHION | H&M x Foxes. First thing to know, I did not expected this to happen either. I know Foxes since her first single and watching her getting more and more famous is exciting! I love her music, and as H&M is my favourite store to shop at, I was so excited when I heard the news. The collection is gorgeous, and I already bought my Foxes t-shirt (as you may have seen on Instagram). This is so cool! FOOD | Mugcakes are my favourites treats, easy and fast to make, you can never go wrong with them. My fav is probably the one with Nutella in it. ITEM | My official visit cards. I realized I needed those when I went to events and people were asking me what was the name of my blog -screaming "blackhairblackdress" over the crowd is not really funny-, so I ordered these and tada! I can't wait to give them to people, arf.

Make sure to tell me what your favourites are this summer by commenting guys!


Which Witch - Florence & The Machine
How big, How Blue, How Beautiful (Album) - Florence & The Machine
Drag me Down - One Direction
Dirty Work - Austin Mahone
Powerful - Major Lazer ft Ellie Goulding & Tarrus Riley
Cool for the summer - Demi Lovato
Fearless (album) - Marina Kaye
Living for love - Madonna
Blush (original mix) - SBCR ft Elisa Bee & His Majesty Andre
Ancient light - Allman Brown
Smile - Mikky Ekko
Flashlight - Jessie J 
Les Ennuis - Izia
Towards The Sun - Rihanna 
Black Magic - Little Mix
Love Myself - Hailee Steinfeld

Maë, love.

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