Hello! I am so happy to write this post, I missed it so much! My exams are finally over and I am back with a new outfit for you, as promised in my last post (I also explained the reason of my long absence on the blog) . Valentine's day is just around the corner and I am single *beyoncé singing in my head*. Not a big deal for me, I will normally spend it with some friends or alone, watching "Agents of SHIELD". The outfit idea suddenly came accross my mind this morning (when you have no lessons to learn your fashion sense feels free to express itself, ahah) I was actually lying on my bed like a lazy monkey and I knew what my new post was going to be about. 

So ladies, here is an idea of an outfit to wear if you are planning to hang out with some friends. I already introduced you this dress in a old Xmas outfit post, and I find it original to dress it down. I could go out dressed like this during the day with no problem (except that I would wear tights, because it is cold outta here). I paired it with my perfecto and a lumberjack shirt wrapped around my waist. I think it gives it a "bad girl" or a "ready to dance like nobody is watching" side. The dress is very classic and chic, but with the jacket it becomes very edgy and it breaks its "attending an event at the White House" side (I need to stop with my "sides", but I am too excited). By the way I apologize for my tired face, I realized how tired I looked on these pictures whiled editing them. This really makes me want to buy some eye concealer... #girlsproblems  Hope this post might help you, single or not, and I wish you all a happy Valentine's day!

Mae, love. 

DRESS & JACKET & NECKLACE - h&m | SHIRT - atlas for men | BOOTS
new look | RINGS - forever 21 (panda), new look (middle one), my mom's

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  1. love this laid back look for a girls day out for vday!

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