22 sept. 2016

I feel like these following lines are to be write. Somehow to evacuate the feelings burning inside me, somehow to keep them somewhere they will forever exist. I need them to be typed before I post anything else. Because they are about someone important. Someone I loved and will forever love. Someone who supported me in a way no one did. Someone who strongly believed I would succeed in the blogging world. Someone who wanted to see me succeed so badly, and whom I wanted to see succeed at what she was doing best too. This someone you may have came accross her if you have been following my blog for long enough. I featured her in a post two months ago but I feel like it was yesterday. Under a beautiful sun at Place Vendome, her red lipstick shining through her black hair like a White Snow in full day. Lucie-Lan. That's her name. She is now part of the million stars shining every night and the most hurtful thing, no matter how peaceful this sentence sounds, is that I will forever miss her. Her supporting texts at nights whenever I post a new article, her humor and silly faces, the love and obsession we shared for Harry Potter, the way she worried before an exam and called me for comfort, the way she sung and made the world silenced up in a second. I know she is reading this from where she is - I see you Lulu - and I want her to know she will be missed. She was a passionate, loving, and careful being, that's how I want to remember her. 

Love you girl, always.


17 sept. 2016

"Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy."
Put yourself first. That's what my mindset is up to right now. That's what I told myself every morning for the last few weeks but kept ignoring the little voice screaming it. Because I love doing things, exploring new horizons and being busy I often forgot my body and mind have their limits. And when I finally came to realize it, it slapped me right in the face. I have to put myself first, stop exhausting myself mentally and physically for something of so less worth. I am only eighteen, going to turn nighteen in a few days, and there are so much more to life. I put those things first even though I am not actually enjoying them. Even though they are preventing me from being myself fully and growing as a young adult. So I will say it one more time, as much for myself than for you reading this, always put yourself first. If what you do makes you feel bad or unhappy let it go. Some better things are to come. 

I have been away from the fashion and blogging world for a while and felt like I have lost myself. I didn't have much time to think about making content and my creative inner self just went down hill. This plateform is a way for me to "escape" and be myself, share my thoughts, talk about my favourite subject: which is fashion. My mind was drifting away towards things I wasn't excited about. They were just convenient things I had to do. I was doing them like a wheel in a gear.
Then it hit me. I didn't have to do them if I didn't wanted to. Nothing held me back. Not like this place I have been taking care of for five years now like the most precious baby on Earth. I spent hours and hours on creating content and designing my website and they are the greatest hours spent. So I decided come back to me, to my universe, to what I like to do and what I really want to do. I am at ease with these thoughts now, and God knows it took me days and days to be.

I am just ready to relaspe in my little world again. 

playsuit - New Look / laced shoes - Pull&Bear / sunglasses - L'usine à lunettes

Photos : Léa - Instagram | Blog


5 sept. 2016

There is something very peaceful in the sight of the sea...