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A few days ago eSalonwho specializes in hair care products, inspired me to talk about one of my favorite topics-hair care. I got really excited since it is on of my favourite topic and I can talk about it for hours. It is probably the only element in my beauty routine that requires the most care which is why I use so many products to tame it. 

Before I start talking about my favourite hair products I will take a trip down to memory lane and tell you more about my hair story. I was born with thick straight hair and until the age of 11 I never had to take care of it. I would just have to brush them in the morning and wash them twice a week with a random shampoo and they would stay in perfect health. But, as you will probably notice by the end of this paragraph, I am very impulsive when it comes to my hair. And one day, 11 year-old me decided to switch my long beautiful hair for a Dora the Exploradora cut. Well, it wasn't supposed to end up this way but it did and in the process my hair type changed too (I still think it is because of that damn hairdresser who probably burned my hair with her straightener). My hair turned into a dry voluminous "curly" hairtype which was horrible to handle. But I did not try to do anything of it and accepted it eventually. A few years later (my hair was long again but neither straight or healthy) I decided overnight to cut them short again in the hope that they would return to their original nature. Naive. It did not work. I was then forced to admit defeat and started to try different products on my hair. I also got myself a hair straightener for the first time. Well, back to today. After a few more short cuts, including my last one dating from a few months ago and which was the shortest of all, I finally managed to find a hair routine that works to tame my wild hair. 

In the shower. I always go for a Garnier shampoo and mask from the Ultra Blends range as they are the only ones working on my hair. At the moment I got the Argan Oil and Camelia flower one, I use the mask once a week and wash my hair twice. 
After the shower. I prefer to let my hair dry naturally, I only blow-dry it when I am in a hurry. However, everytime I need to apply heat I use the L'Oréal "Hot & Liss" heat protector in spray format. Then after straightening my hair I apply oil which is a very important step. I personally use Amla Oil as it helps with hair growth but Coconut oil also does the job perfectly. When my hair are in a really bad condition I do a oil mask and let it rest for a night. 

These are my top 3 products I have been using for years now and that work perfectly on my hair. I would like to thank eSalon for giving me the opportunity to share a bit of story about my hair. You can click here to check their wide range of hair products and learn more about their concept. They were also really kind and sent me some cool tips to share with you. I would be very interested to know more about your hair and favourite products so don't hesitate to share your story in the comments. Cheers!


I found my way back to thrift shops. It's been years since the last time I have stepped in a great one. I had forgotten how amazing they are when they're not overpriced. Parisian thrift shops are so expensive that it's better for your bank account to shop in average stores but here, in Nottingham, the thrift is worth the visit: cheap prices, trendy pieces and cool shop names like Stranger Things. I decided to give them a go and went to White Rose after recommandation from a friend. 

J'ai finalement remis les pieds dans une friperie après tant d'années de boycott. Les fripes parisiennes sont devenues tellement chères à cause de leur popularité que c'est plus rentable de faire son shopping chez New Look ou Zara (ceci n'est pas un mensonge!). Guerrisol reste encore abordable mais il faut être armé de patience (c'est souvent bondé) et de détermination pour fouiller dans les piles de fringues. L'Angleterre, et Nottingham dans le cas suivant, c'est un tout autre délire. Les fripes sont des vraies fripes : on y trouve des belles pièces, souvent récentes, pour trois fois rien. En plus de ça les boutiques sont toutes mignonnes et bien arrangées. Il y en a même une nommée Stranger Things et à chaque fois que je passe devant l'envie d'y mettre les pieds me ronge, mais mon porte monnaie vide me retient. La dernière fois je suis allée faire un tour chez White Rose sous les recommandations d'une amie et... 

At first, I was just looking for a beret and a black cardigan but I ended up getting out of there with a big bag full of clothes. I found this skirt, originally from Topshop, that I got for 7£, which is basically nothing, and this beret which is my absolute favourite piece at the moment. 

... je suis tombée amoureuse. Initialement venue dénicher un béret et un cardigan noir je suis repartie avec une dizaine de fringues (oups) dont cette jupe. J'en voulais une de ce style depuis super longtemps. Celle-ci provient à l'origine de chez Topshop et je l'ai eu pour 7£ - au lieu de je ne sais combien, mais beaucoup de £££. Quant au béret c'est mon nouvel accessoire chouchou. 

About the pictures in this post. They were a complete mess before I got the motivation to touch them up and not delete them forever. The quality was so bad I was very sad. But my lazyness got the best of me, I didn't want to take them again (it takes a lot of time to set all up). I ended up damaging them even more so they would look old and vintage and I really like how they turned out.

Une petite note photographie avant de vous laisser. A l'origine, les photos de cet article étaient vraiment de mauvaise qualité, c'était hyper badant. Mais avec force et conviction - et surtout parce que la flemme de les refaire - j'ai décidé de les abîmer au max pour créer cet effet vintage. Au final, j'aime beaucoup le rendu et je trouve qu'il correspond bien au thème et aux fringues que je porte. 

entirely thrifted outfit